Double Thick Gun Belt

Hardware Choice
KRAMER offers several different belts. Our double thickness horsehide gun belts are crafted from two layers of horsehide, border stitched and bonded together. These belts are approximately 1/4" thick and will provide the lateral rigidity to support a good concealment system. These belts will give years of superior performance. Please note, all 1-1/4" belts come with a square buckle and 1-1/2" & 1-3/4" belts come with a "D" ring buckle. FOR CORRECT MEASUREMENT, MEASURE FROM WHERE THE LEATHER WRAPS AROUND THE BUCKLE TO THE HOLE CURRENTLY BEING USED. THIS MEASUREMENT WILL BECOME THE CENTER HOLE OF THE NEW BELT. BE SURE TO ALLOW FOR WEAPON IN/ON WAISTBAND WHEN DETERMINING LENGTH OF BELT.

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