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Inside the Waistband #3 Gun Holster (Only for semi-autos)

This holster was designed in collaboration with GUNS & AMMO's "Jim Grover", for use by our nation's premier covert operations teams. Originally designed for the Glock 19, the design has proven so comfortable and effective that it is now available for a wide variety of popular medium and large frame autos. This holster is designed with a large paddle type extension of leather that provides better support for larger autos and places the grip of the weapon close to the body (originally designed for the Grip heavy Glock). The gun is carried at an extreme FBI forward tilt (slightly more than the IWB #2) and provides maximum concealment with the butt of the gun hugging the body securely for a low profile. A full firing grip allows for a smooth quick draw. The mouth of this holster is reinforced with a specially treated throat band of horsehide, and WILL NOT COLLAPSE when the gun is drawn. For a professional, it is imperative that a holster allows easy one-handed reholstering. This holster uses the same screw adjustable belt loops that are on the IWB #1-1/2 & #2. Snap-on belt loops are available by custom order. The cowhide version comes standard with 1-1/2" interchangeable snap-on belt loops, other sizes available by request. The IWB #3 represents the state-of-the-art in IWB holsters. Also available in black cowhide (One-piece 1.5-inch snap belt loops *Photo coming soon).

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