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Women's Belt Scabbard Gun Holster

Finally! A holster designed specifically for women, the Women's Belt Scabbard. The complaint we hear most frequently from women is that their holster "rides way too high, and the grip of the gun is up around my armpit." A holster designed around the male body will ride uncomfortably high on a woman. A woman's curving hips tend to push the muzzle of the gun outward, causing the grip of the gun to jam into her ribs. The Women's Belt Scabbard carries the gun at a lower, more comfortable and accessible position for a woman. The belt slot is lined with molded plastic, formed at such an angle as to tilt the grip out slightly, preventing it from jamming into the rib cage. The weapon is carried on the strong side at an FBI tilt. This holster must be worn with a sturdy belt to support the gun. This holster has received overwhelmingly positive reviews by gun writers and female law enforcement officers.

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