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Honing Strop

Hold that edge the way Grandpa did, with a genuine shell cordovan horsehide strop! For generations, these strops were found in almost every American home. Used to sharpen and hone everything from straight razors to pocket knives, these leather strops will not scratch your blade the way a stone does. The shell cordovan horsehide used in our strop is the same as the leather used in old-fashioned barber strops. A few passes on the strop each day will keep your favorite pocket knife sharp and ready for daily use. The smooth, supple, tight grained, shell cordovan horsehide is stitched at the hand grip to a stiffer piece of horsehide. This rigid hide provides a coarser sharpening medium. Longer strops with inlaid grips are available on a custom order basis. Call for price and availability. This once common household item is available again. A must for the serious knife aficionado.

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