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Inside the Waistband Sheepskin Clip Gun Holster

Have you tried an inside the waistband holster and it just wasn't comfortable? Then you owe it to yourself to give serious consideration to this one! The design is a radical departure from the typical IWB holster. Crafted from soft, unmolded, undyed horsehide facing away from the body, and plush natural sheep's wool against the body provides exceptional all-day comfort. Even the venerable Government Model or Beretta 92F ride comfortably in this rig! Blue spring steel clip fastens holster securely to belt.

When we field tested this holster, a few skeptics raised eyebrows, but after a few weeks of use, they were believers. Although the sheep's wool would seem to add undue bulk to the holster, it compresses once it is put inside the pants. You will not find a more comfortable IWB holster anywhere.

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