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Exotic Sharkskin Gun Belt

Hardware Choice

The KRAMER exotic skin belts are second to none! We currently offer black Sharkskin. Each of these exotic overlays is bonded and stitched to a lining of genuine horsehide thus providing adequate lateral support for your weapon. Sharkskin, although quite dressy in appearance, is the all-time durable leather, able to take a considerable amount of abuse in salt water, thorns, and rocks. For dress or sport, this is the ultimate belt! Sharkskin belts for larger sizes may require two-piece construction. Please call for details. Please note, all 1-1/4" belts come with a square buckle and 1-1/2" belts come a with "D" ring buckle. FOR CORRECT MEASUREMENT, MEASURE FROM WHERE THE LEATHER WRAPS AROUND THE BUCKLE TO THE HOLE CURRENTLY BEING USED. THIS MEASUREMENT WILL BECOME THE CENTER HOLE OF THE NEW BELT. BE SURE TO ALLOW FOR WEAPON IN/ON WAISTBAND WHEN DETERMINING LENGTH OF BELT.

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